Preparing for Your Child's Virtual Visit

Pediatric Virutal Visits

We are looking forward to seeing you and your child at your upcoming Virtual Visit!

Our goal is to make this videoconference appointment as similar as possible to an in-person appointment, so that we can continue to support your child's healthy growth and development. To learn more about Virtual Visits and Zoom, the videoconference tool we use, click here.

Before Your Visit

There are a few basic steps you can take to prepare for your visit. These ensure that your child's provider has all the information they need. 

(1) Check Measurements

  • For Children Under 2 Years Old
    • Weight: Put a cardboard box lined with a blanket on a scale. Zero the scale and then place your child in the box.
    • Length: Stretch out your child and make marks on a newspaper. Then use a measuring tape to measure between the marks.
    • Head: Measure with a soft sewing tape measure. If you don’t have this use a long strip of paper and then measure the length using a tape measure.

  • For Children 2 Years and Older
    • Weight: Weigh on a bathroom scale with lightweight clothes.
    • Height: Have your child stand straight against the wall or end of the door. Place a hardback book against the surface and slide it down to their head. Make a small mark where the book touches your child’s head to measure accurate height.

(2) List Medicine & Allergies

Please have a list of your child's medicines and allergies ready before the visit.

(3) Complete Paperwork

There are several developmental and behavioral screens we normally use in the office. We are asking that you complete them before your child's visit. Please email them back to us 24 hours prior to the visit.

If your child is between the ages of 11 and 18, they must complete the depression/anxiety/substance use screen by themselves.

Please click on the link below to go to our pediatric paperwork portal. Click on your child's age to download the correct paperwork. All PDFs are fillable and can be completed on your laptop, tablet or phone. The easiest way to fill a PDF on your phone is to save the file to Google Drive, open it through Drive, and click/type into the appropriate fields. You may also print the documents and scan them back to your device when complete. 

  • Pediatric Paperwork Portal >> Click here.

  • Email Your Paperwork Back

    Please email the completed paperwork back to the office where you would normally go for an in-person visit.

(4) Dress Your Child

Have your child dressed in shorts and a t-shirt in order to make the best use of time during the visual exam.

After Your Visit

(1) Vaccines

Vaccines can be scheduled after your Virtual Visit. They will be given in our parking lot, outside of the office, to keep your child from being exposed to our office environment.

(2) Forms

In order to complete the well child and adolescent visits we need to do a physical exam and sometimes some additional tests. Then we can complete the forms for daycare, school, camp, and sports. We will schedule very short visits in June for the physical exam and paperwork completion. There will not be time during those 10 minute visits for discussion!